Launch presales completed - nod.i delivery planned for end of 3rd quarter of 2024

Join the boxchain revolution

The little web3 box

Secured, independent, and scalable
Join         the boxchain revolution
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Nod.i, the Boxchain in your living room

Take back control

Autonomy is yours! More than a box, nod.i is a nanocomputer. And among its superpowers, nod.i stores the entire blockchain in memory for you. Store and transfer your assets without intermediaries. You become autonomous on the network and gain financial sovereignty! Take back control of your data!

Bitcoin Full-Node

You are the blockchain


Your nod.i Bitcoin full node ensures that transaction and private key management remains under your exclusive control, preserving the confidentiality of your transactions.


You no longer need to trust a third party! nod.i stores the complete transaction history of the Bitcoin blockchain. You validate every transaction and every block.


Become an actor in the Bitcoin blockchain and participate in the decentralization of the system! The more nodes, the more robust and secure the system becomes.

The Nod.Wallet

Security and autonomy

Imagine that your assets are based on an online exchange, and that suddenly the website disappears or is hacked… Sounds familiar?
With nod.i, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Your nod.i Soft-Wallet keeps your cryptoassets safe. You manage your funds, yourself. You’re protected.
We start with Bitcoin, and are developing the rest month after month.
Stay tuned !

BTC Pay Server

Receive and issue payments

Receive and issue Bitcoin payments without intermediaries. Are you a professional using cryptoactives in your transactions? Avoid third-party providers and commissions. Liberty and independence start on your desktop.

000 KH/s average on 1 Thread
An integrated Bitcoin Miner lottery

Take part in the bitcoin lottery

With more than 800KH/s for 1 thread, nod.i lets you win big if you validate a full block. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain. Your very own integrated nerd miner on steroids.

 An unforgettable web3 experience
Plug and Free Yourself

quick and simple setup

No need to be an engineer, with just two cables and a simplified procedure, you can start up your nod.i box in just a few seconds. Its never been easier to enjoy Web3.

Connection 1. Connect the box

Simply connect the ethernet network cable and the power cable.

Configuration 2. Go to nodi.local

Type the address in your internet browser and follow the given steps.


Unlimited customization

Use our integrated nod.Store to customise your box to suit your needs: wallet, security, payment, social, NFT, finance, etc.
Do you have an exclusive nod.i NFT? You can take part in the roadmap for the creation of features and applications!
And your interface is also customized with your NFT.

Stylish & touch screen

That's the french touch

Elegant and compact, the nod.i box fits anywhere in your home. Designed by Fabien Deboves, its pure and modern lines will dress up your office or living room. Thanks to its touch screen, you can access your favorite information directly from the box, for a fluid, simplified experience.

A streamlined hardware configuration

No fuss, no bullcrap

Nod.i embeds a proven, stable structure. It is scalable and can integrate most of the web3 universe. The basic configuration available for pre-orders will be 4GB of memory and 1TB of storage.

CPU 1.5GHz quad-core ARM 64-bit

Depending on configuration

Storage 1 TB ou 4TB NVMe PCIe Gen3

Depending on configuration

Memory From 4GB to 8GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM

Depending on configuration

5W : super low consumption

Is web3 an energy sink?

Not with nod.i!
At just 5W, your box consumes no more than a LED bulb.
Why not take it ?

Technical specifications
  • Custom PCB design
  • Less than 6w consumption at full load
  • Based on an ARM 64Bit chip
  • Internal memory from 4 to 8GB
  • Nvme storage from 1TB to 4TB for blockchain storage and applications
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 2.8" TFT display
  • Power supply via USB-C
  • Weight: 155g (excluding base)
  • Dimensions : W 115mm x H 40mm x D 65mm

Nod.i a project in motion

Nod.i is an evolving and participative project, where the only limit is our imagination! The nod.i family is a community made of developers and users.
Here’s our roadmap for 2024!
Every nod.i box owner will be automatically notified of updates and forecasts. The first members to own nod.i NFTs will have the privilege of participating in developments by voting directly in the private community.
If you would like to be kept informed of future developments, subscribe to our newsletter.


Pre-sales launch


Finalized beta version, BTCPay integration, Mempool


Production of first batch. Delivery of first nod.i end of Q3


Ride the Lightning
Votre APP
For developers

Be the first to integrate your app

By developing an application for your product or service directly in nod.i, you create a new use for it, deploy your capabilities and offer your audience an enhanced experience.
It’s also an opportunity to give your brand exceptional visibility! And of course, to participate in decentralization!

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Why nod.i ?

Nod.i aims to democratize access to blockchain, digital assets and, more broadly, access to and understanding of Web3.

We want to offer a product that’s easy, simple and plug and play.

Who is nod.i for?

Nod.i is for anyone who wants to bring Web3 into their homes effortlessly.

An all-in-one solution designed for easy access and use.

Whether you’re a Web3 Addict or just curious to enter this world, nod.i will offer you a simple entry point with no need for technical knowledge. All in a compact, elegant design.

What is the Boxchain?

The Boxchain is our vision of nod.i: a small, simple, touch-sensitive, designer box containing blockchain technology and everything that makes Web3.

Our aim is to democratize the use of the Web3 eco-system for everyone so that as many people as possible can enter the wonderful world of Custody (ownership of your own data at home) and Decentralization.

We really believe in it and are rallying behind these few words: Join The Boxchain Revolution

Why pre-sales?

Launching a project of this scale requires a lot of R&D, time, failures, trials and money. We’re talking about 2 years of relentless work. For our first version, we want to integrate the community as much as possible, to better understand its needs and desires, so that together we can develop the best possible product.

We also want to be as close as possible to financing and manufacturing a first industrial batch. This allows us to avoid production surpluses and create exclusive advantages for the first members of the nod.i family.

By joining us now, you have the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of a project which – we have the audacity to believe – could be a real revolution.

Why NFTs ?

We could have used a more standard format, such as participatory financing on well-known websites. But we come from the Web3 world, which is our passion and our conviction.

So what could be more logical than creating pre-sales written on blockchain? The NFT is our little creative, collection-enthusiast, and passionate side. These NFTs have been specially created.They will be exclusive and in limited quantities. NFT fans will appreciate it. For those who don’t? Pre-ordering gives you access to the first nod.i boxes available after production, as well as exclusive superpowers and benefits.

1 nod.i box = 1 NFT = 3 possibilities (Common, Rare or Epic)

  • 30% chance to get a Rare NFT
  • 10% chance to get an Epic NFT
  • 100% chance to get your nod.i box

Details of superpowers on

Which blockchains are supported?

For the moment, we are integrating Bitcoin.

But the opening of nod.i and the integration of a nod.Store make it possible to integrate all existing blockchains. As a pre-order NFT owner, you will be able to participate in the choice of future developments and Apps.

Magic, isn’t it?

When will nod.i be delivered?

If all goes according to plan – which we will strive to do every day – the box will be delivered at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2024.

What payment methods are available for pre-sales?

You can buy your pre-sales :

  • By credit card
  • With your ETH wallet
  • For people on site at CryptoXR, we will try to take as many different means of payment as possible.

What hardware configuration will I have with the presale?

You will get at least 4GB of memory and 1TB of storage.
You will be able to upgrade your configuration later, before the first production run is sent out.