Launch presales completed - nod.i delivery planned for end of 3rd quarter of 2024

Maxime Chery
Co-founder - CEO Maxime Chery

An entrepreneur at heart, and an ideas machine, he has created multiple companies and sites… He embodies the visionary spirit that guides our team towards new, decentralized horizons. He can often be found at his desk, chasing cups of coffee as he pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Alexandre Teinturier
Co-founder - COO Alexandre Teinturier

An avid student, his thirst for learning has driven him to pursue further education. With 5 Master’s degrees under his belt, he’s not only an expert of the number of school reports he’s got, but also of Trivial Pursuit. He brings multidisciplinary expertise and an infectious passion for discovery to the table.

Sébastien Fantinati
Co-founder - CTO Sébastien Fantinati

Master of the lines of code and co-founder of genius, between two sessions of testing and caffeine, he juggles nodes and cryptos like no one else. He’s behind Easy mining and the Emos OS, and his thing is to work in the shadows for days on end, releasing a new nugget that gives nod.i an ever-greater, ever-evolving dimension!

Elvin Foulon
Software engineer Elvin Foulon

A true nomad, he’s always on the move, juggling lines of code and travel journals. His passion for adventure brings a unique energy to the team. Ready to take on any strategic challenge that comes his way, he’s always at his keyboard, absorbed in his work. At night, on the toilet… Once he’s started, he’s hard to stop!

Marion Bouvier
Software engineer Marion Bouvier

A night owl, she’s always ready to outwit the code at any time of the day or night. She tames it with style. For each challenge, she not only has a solution, but also a whole list of new ideas to enrich the project. That’s Marion’s magic: she turns every challenge into an opportunity to learn and innovate.

Elodie Miscischia
Communication Manager Elodie Miscischia

An expert in storytelling and strategy, she popularizes Web3 so that people like her understand the work of the developers and the rest of the team. In her early days in Web3, she used to confuse ETF with EFT… Now she laughs at the devs’ jokes. That’s how magic works at nod.i!

Front-end developper Timothé Requiston
Manue Chery
Administrative assistant Manue Chery